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It's paid for you have to love that! I love the truck, it's just hard to find a parking spot it will fit in.

Steven - Indianola, IA

This is my 4th PSD, 3 were 7.3L's. This is my first 6.0L. I loved the first three(95,97,03). I put more than 30,000 miles a year on my trucks and they all stand up to my uranium coated lead foot.

Casey - Lubbock, TX

I fell in love with this truck from day one ten years later no problems and she's still truckin. This is the best truck I have ever owned and just wish the 7.3l was still made. I dont think I will ever part with her.

Justin - Carrollton, TX

I bought my 2004 F-250 new in 04 and have had some issues in that time but at the end of the day I still love my truck. Its nice to look down on others knowing for the most part I can crush them.!

Robert - Naples, FL

I have had small pickups before and driven plenty of gassers but diesel takes the cake. This truck is sick in what it can pull. I'd have to say that I will not own another large vehicle without a diesel engine. What other kind of a rig can you drive and get decent to excellent fuel economy empty and still get decent fuel economy loaded while still maintaining 250+ HP w/400+ Tq?

Patrick - Ponderay, ID

This is my first new truck. i bought it new back in 2000 thru Fleet sales so i new what i was getting .I love the 7.3 Diesel engine and the way it sounds. what i love the most is the room inside the cab and how great it runs down the Highway whether it be for work or traveling with my family and to know that where ever we go we have room to bring back whatever or haul whatever. My kids love the leg room in the back seat, and we also feel safe because of the size of the truck.

Genaro - Dallas , TX

Love the torque and O ya; its a FORD!

greg - fairview, AB

This is my first diesel and I love it. I put about 1000 miles a week on it and hope to get 400k out of it. Awesome tuck!

Paul - West Chester, OH

Sometimes I deliver new campers to dealers. This one I took from Indiana to L.A. it runs with the best of trucks. I also pull my 35ft fifth wheel camper with it.It just keeps on STROKIN.

Nick - Milford, OH

2003 F350 Power Stroke it is my run around Truck and it has been nice to drive and will carry every thing i need in the trunk bed. Plus my diesel tank.

Richard - Dundee, MI

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