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f-350 7.3l,230,000 miles and still going strong, pushin 400 horsepower and still ading on. i'll never get rid of this truck

jamie - el paso, TX

My 1999 Ford F350 Powerstroke Diesel Turbo V8.

Jerromy - Dayton, OH

I call her little red

Kyle - Abilene, TX

double take

travis - springville, UT

The reason i love my power stroke diesel is because it has never let me down and has always been able to haul what i put on it.

Jerromy - Dayton, OH

the torque is nuts its a 2wd crew cab long bed and i can run down most mustangs and other sports cars lightnings wish they had 6.0l power

victor - orange park , FL

I bought this truck last year and I absolutely love it. Great looks, sound and tons of power and torque to pull my camper for weekend family outings. There will always be a PSD in my driveway from now on!

John - Magnolia, DE

If you need the pulling power it is there.

Jonathan - Elizabethton, TN

This is our 2006 F-250 that just turned 10,000 miles in December 2009. We use it as our every day truck but on the weekends it is big enough to tow any one of our 3 trailers.

Steve - East Brunswick, NJ

This truck is awesome. I hope that it gives me years of service as my previous 7.3L did. A well built, good looking and very comfortable truck. Will do any job!

Chad - Lakeland, GA

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