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you just can't beat the way a powerstroke pulls it can't be stoped. theres nothing like a 7.3

Dustin - clyde, NC

It's a BEAST!

Michael - Tampa, FL

It has done the job for over 10 years. Have only changed one water pump, one alternator, and 1 crank sender, other then maintenance parts.Never a problem in 333,013 MILES. Can't wait for the new Ford Diesel truck. Thanks Ford for the great truck!!!! F350 2000 7.3L single wheel

John - Royal Palm Beach , FL

I love my powerstroke it doees alot moe than I ask when hauling i love the longevity of the engine I feel Inernational and ford rally worked hard on the 7.3 the motor is flawless I am a member of St Louis Area powerstrokes my truck is a 97 with 200k miles on it and reuns like a champ will drive this truck anywhere at anytime

sean - jefferson city, MO

I drive on adverage 100 miles a day, wheater it be in extreme heat or pouring snow, my 7.3 gets me where its going, this truck is extremly reliable, it is a 2000 F-250 4x4 6 spd.

Adam - Bellefontaine, OH

I about 6 months ago. I live here in Utah and it doesnt care for the cold much but all else is good. I love how I can jump in my truck and go pull my 40' fifth wheel travel trailer and go anywhere, or just take a leasurely cruise up the canyon.

Gary - Ofden, UT

It has 250,000 and still running strong.

chris - sauk rapids, MN

Plenty of power and very reliable. The entire truck is very durable. I use it for everything from normal driving to hauling upwards of 15k pounds.

Jake - Fostoria, OH

This is my 2006 Ford F-250 XL PSD 6-speed, FX4, ex-cab, long bed. No more needs to be said but I love this truck.

Jake - Edgewood, NM

Not only is my excursion my wifes daily driver, but my daughter plays on a traveling soccer team , so we put many miles on every weekend traveling up and down all over California, not only can my power stroke Excursion tow any trailer I want , I can also haul half the soccer team, and our weekends worth of groceries!!! all while getting over 20mpg!!!


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