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This is my third Power Stroke 1 7.3L and 2 6.0's. There's no replacement for the Power Stroke, love the power and sound!

Ron - Monroe, NC

1995 e 350 which I built to haul my 40 foot fifth wheel.

coal - milton, ON

My first diesel truck which is a 2007 F-350 4X4 I drive it everyday and I tow a 35 foot travel trailer

Michael - Pasadena, MD

My 2008 F-450. Love this beautiful truck. This is my second Super Duty and it has all of the power and then some that my 6.0l put out, yet unbelievably quiet. The truck always turns heads and is a true symbol of American diesel power and of course, it's built Ford tough.

Chris - Walton, KY

I have a 96 f-250 7.3 and i love it. Will run forever and pull anything.

Cody - Flemington, NJ

This was my first diesel after driving them for years as a Paramedic. I really researched them and it just so happened that when I started getting close to buying one the 08's were being announced. So I waited and waited and everytime we would pass the dealership, (my wife and I) I would look and look. Much to my surprise one Sunday we stopped and she asked me which one I liked the most. Not thinking anything about it, I picked out the one I felt suited me. Much to my suprise I came home from work Monday and it was sitting in the driveway with a huge red bow on it. She's my baby...

Scott - Murfreesboro, TN

My 97 is a used daily to pull different equipment. Anything from a 20ft horse trialer to a flatbed trailer. It is dependable with no problems with 280,000 miles on it. This is the first disel I have owned and I am greatly satisfied. It has a 3 stage superchip, straight piped, and a 6" chrome tip. I would not trade this truck for anything.

Kyle - Delta, UT

I love my Power Stroke Diesel trucks....I use them to haul my Star Wars collection that I display at toy fairs. Since they are fairly heavy, I find my super duty truck to do quite a great job. Thanks to Ford for building a great truck! Chester

Chester - Clinton, PA

I've been using my F-350 as a daily driver as well as a livestock trailer hauler. There is nothing close to the 7.3 under the hood & when it tows, it feels like nothing's behind it.

Mac - Chino, CA

My first truck. Tows anything. I'll always drive powerstrokes

Zach - Virginia Beach, VA

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