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Great truck. Love the7.3's. It's been very good to me, 180,000 miles and still strong. My WORKHORSE RIG. I can't wait till I hit 200,000 + miles. I'll keep it forever.

Jeff - Wilmington, DE

This is my 2nd power stroke diesel . Love the power and mileage. No better Truck made

paul - Ithaca, NY

its halls a** i can tow a 10 foot dump trailer full of sand and it makes it up are steap driveway. i just got it from my dad he passed it down to me. its a 1999 Ford F-250 powerstoke diesel and i love it. we had no problems with it except for ball and sleaves. haha i love this truck.

Hunter - Hummelstown, PA

it has super pulling power it will pass any Chevy/dodge, even while pulling my 34ft camping trailer

pedro - corpus christi, TX

This is my second Ford diesel. My first one was a 93 IDI and i loved it and when i got the chance to get my hands on the superduty i jumped on it. Ford made the 7.3 up until late 03 and my truck was made 5/03 so i feel lucky that i have one of the last ones that rolled off the line. I use the truck for everything from towing loads around the farm to a daily driver to a play toy. I could not be happier with the truck. I have added Ranch Hand bumpers front and rear, B&W Gooseneck Hitch, Train Horns w/ a 5 Gal air tank and a 100% duty cycle compressor, 4 gauges on the pillar (air pressure for tank, boost, pyro, trans) and a 08 center console. My list of things to do is pretty long and it will take me a few years to get the truck exactly how i want it. Long Live the 7.3L Powerstroke

Jarret - Sulphur, LA

F-350 Powerstroke Dually, 4" MBRP Straight Exhaust, AFE Stage 2 Intake, Quadzilla Xzillaraider II. More to come.

Jonathon - washington, SC

This is when we were leaving Bahai Honda Key. I dreamt for many years of this exact model to do this combination of truck, camper, and trailer. This also works well when going to tractor shows, with a small trailer and my lawn tractors.

Bob - Jacksonville Bch, FL

I love my PSD! It is my first personal diesel but about the 5th Ford truck! I come from a Ford Family and Plan to continue the Ford tradition in my life! My CURRENT Rig: 2005 6.0 PSD Other Fords: 2004 F250 Harley V10 (Dads), 2003 F150 Supercrew 5.4 (Dads), 2001 Explorer(lil brother), 2005 500 (Moms), 2003 Escape (fiances), 2007 Fusion (Grandmother), 1999 F250 5.4(Grandpas) And the list could go on for days...... Built FORD Tough

Erik - Roanoke , VA

I've owned a 2002 crew cab 7.3L for about four years now, has been a great truck. I just recently bought this 1999 2wd from a Goodyear Tire store and have spent the last year transforming it from a XL Model work truck, to a fun little 600hp street truck and drag racer. Nothing like the power and torque band of that big displacement Power Stroke.

Jacob - Idaho Falls, ID

I am employed by a Ford Dealer. Since the 1999 model Superduty truck series came out I always wanted one. It took me until 2001 to see the need of replacing my 1992 F150 that had served me well. I purchased this 2000 F350 from my employer with approx 40k miles on it. Today it has 230k miles on it and it has worked hard doing many tasks like you see it here in this photo. My truck gets the best of everything and I expect it to last another 200k minimum. Thanks to Ford and Blue Diamond for building a great engine and truck.

Jimmy - Cary, NC

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