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Jeff - Mechanicsville, VA

Trucks my baby a 08 6.4 psd cclb my first powerstroke. This truck has single handily turned me into a ford man from a Cummings and duramax fan. She does everything I want and more. If I could marry her I already would. Her name is bad karma after my truck in Afghanistan

Tommy - Chesapeake , VA

Wicked Diesel's 6.7. One awesome truck!

Josh - Bedford, VA

Ryan our powerstroke rep just stopped by our new shop and it was a pleasure meeting him and giving him a tour of the new shop. Look forward to seeing him in the future. Here is my 2015 f350 6.7 towing our 30ft gooseneck with our Tonka truck on the trailer. We specialize in powerstroke performanxe and repair here at the shop and only use ford oem quality parts for repairs. Thanks for stopping by Ryan see you soon.

Shane - Elkton, MD

I call it a truck, but this 2004 Excursion takes my family up into the mountains and back with ease and comfort. All six of us fit in with all of our camping or skiing gear. Its truly the king of all SUV's

Gene - Highlands Ranch, CO

Special ordered in 2001. My 2002 Ford Powerstroke has been a dream truck and made a huge impact here on my small farm in Nokesville, Va. She regularly pulls a 1989 30' 5800lb Avion camper, a 2014 10,00lb Bri-Mar equipment trailer, and a few utility trailers. She previously pulled a 1989 34.5' 10,300lb Avion camper with no problem at all. She has 109,000 miles on her and still pulls like a dream. I've never spent any money on maintenance. It has gauges, ie. Boost, EGT, even though it is a 6 speed manual, it has a trans gauge. I also put 4" straight pipes on it. The 7.3L Powerstroke is by far the best engine ford ever put into a super duty.

William C. - Nokesville, VA

This is a TRUCk.....2003 F-350 Power Stroke......LOVE this truck.....I don't have to say how awesome this truck is...special order Kobalt Blue...what's not to love? JDG Burney CA

Joseph - Burney , CA

After owning my previous F350 for 300k miles I was involved in a head on collision that totaled it. The good thing is it was Ford Tough because I received no injuries. The replacement? Another 2000 F350. This one has right at 200k miles on it. This time I chose a 4x4 Lariat Crew Cab. Here is a winter pic from 2015.

Jimmy - Cary, NC

Sophie's my baby. Shes a 97 extended cab auto with a 7.3 under the hood. Shes got extreme power and does great off road!

Adam - Ashford, CT

2010 with 55 k miles on and a banks 6 shooter tuner

JAY - durango, CO

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