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Looks great, sounds great and fun to drive!

Bae - hickory, NC

truck has the power to do anything max tow 20,000 lbs

Garrett - irwin, PA

i love my 2002 f350. it gets the job done whether at work or at play. we usually haul a 10 ton trailer with heavy equipment and this truck pulls it like its not even there. love the 7.3l engine and the beautiful sound of it. this truck is awesome

Rodney - Charles City, VA

stage 2 s&b cold air intake 4in straight pipes 6in tip 3 pod digital guages dont care what any body thinks about the 6.0 i love it

wes - tulsa, OK

it has a lot of power

Chris - maiden, NC

Hauls and tows anything you want it to do. 6.0 gets around 21 mpg highway, and gets same mpg with 10,000 trailer load. All my buddies even say it is a chick magnet, not sure about that yet. It just ticked over 110,000 miles. I plan on keeping her till around 250k. Thanks to ford and powerstroke for making a TRUCK!

Ty - Lamar, CO

I love my new 2011 F-350!! I have added the following: Bushwacker Fender Flares Toyo 35" MT 20" Rockstar Rims ARE Z Series Canopy 2.5" Leveling Kit This is an AWESOME Truck!!

Brett - Renton, WA

two 1994 7.3's two 1996 7.3's two 1997 7.3's 2003 6.0

Kris - canaan, CT

we bought this pick up about three months ago., we are the second owner, it had 49,00o miles... It's a 2005 F-250 we took it on a trip to Dallas, TX. it averaged 19 mpg and it rode like a dream... I'ts been such a wonderful pick up...

Bill & Maggie - Great Bend, KS

I love the power this truck brings, with a few goodies this truck is unstoppable, I blow dodge and chevy's doors off on a daily basis, the 6.0 engine is just phenomenal, the power it brings is insane, I strongly believe this truck can pull a house right off its foundation. LOVE powerstrokes!

Steven - bordentown, NJ

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