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This is my 199 f-350 four door long bed go anywere you want to truck,I love my ford ,one would think that with its long weelbase that it woukd not 4 weel very well ,so not true,I took my trk deer and elk hunting this year ,the deer hunt I went through 2 feet of mud ,FOR REAL I DID I was blown away, how well it drove ,and on the elk hunt we went up to 10.500 feet and about two feet or snow WOW i love this truck.I have put 315x75r 16 tires on it and rancho shocks ,this trucks flat out runs and goes anywere THANKS FORD DALE B COLORADO

dale - Grand Junction, CO

this truck never lets me down it has over half of a million miles on the same motor and transmision change the oil every 3500 miles the rest of the fluilds every 50000.i will never part with truck or my dog!

dan - winthrop, ME

used to pull 5th wheel camper & whatever needs haulin. 6.0L pulls good with 325hp & 192000 miles

bobby - frankfort, KY

600000 miles runs hard great ride pulls any thing

dan - scarb, ME

The towing capacity of the 6.7 vs. the 6.0 is a lot better and I no longer get passed by every car on the road. Does your truck have stones?

John - Fargo, ND

This is my 2005 F-250, I bought it from a friend in 2009, it had 78,000 miles on it, it now has 96,000 miles. I love to drive this truck, I get alot of great comments about the truck. It has an upgraded EGR cooler, 4 inch turbo back exhaust, 2 inch leveling kit in front, and custom programming by quick tricks automotive. My truck is truly Built Ford Tough!

Kyle - Portland, TN

I use to hate ford after I got this truck I think ford are best. After a a year that I buy my truck I travel from el paso tx to columbia georgia pulling a car and the truck run like if I'm not pulling nothing this truck has a lot of power

luis - el paso, TX

This powerstroke is priceless, I use it for everything. There's not to many places it has not gone or cant go. 200k still runs hard and looks good

stephan - Mill City, OR

hook it up i'll pull it

Beau - brownsville, OH

I love the raw power and torque my 06 F250 has. As one can tell from the picture, the truck is still mostly stock. Full build coming up soon for it! I love my truck and would not drive anything but a FORD baby!!!!

Ac - Reynoldsburg, OH

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