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After I finished flying for the afternoon I thought I would take a picture of my Ford in front of a somewhat older Ford that was at the airfield.

Chris - Oak Ridge, TN

WOW************ I love my Truck ( Been in the shop a few time But its good now ) Lift Kit Mud Tires Love this truck more then my Wife*****

Carlos - montgomery, TX

This is my first Diesel truck and I instantly fell in love! I used to own a Toyota Tundra and quickly uncovered it could not tow my 30ft boat. My new F350 handles this task with ease! I plan on keeping this truck for life and I'm looking forward to putting 350k hard towing miles! I put on Thule Xsporter racks to carry my canoes and surf boards! Overall this F350 is my dream come true!

James - Honolulu, HI

I love this truck because of the power that it has,its great handeling, and the unique color of the truck. The rims I put on look awsome on it. It is very clean, and has leather.

Lorenzo - El Paso, TX

I bought my 2004 Ford F-350 a little while back and love it, its got a 10 inch lift and is sitting on 40 inch tires and the 6.0 gets it moving and i can still beat cars of the line, I soon will be getting the Banks Six-Gun Bundle for it.

Austen - Scotia, NY


Donovan - Pearl City, HI

my modded 7.3 hauling a twin turbo'd 6.0

cameron - san antonio, TX

310,000 + miles and I think I may have just gotten it broken in. No major engine problems, and still on my factory 4R100. The engine is not stock by any means, but all the upgrades were done when I wanted to, not when I had to. For sale??? Nah, you haven't got enough money for my PSD

Brandon - Deatsville, AL

I bought this truck in June 2009, it had 78,000 miles on it, it now has 91,500 miles. I love the power and torque this truck has, it is so fun to drive. I also like all the great comments I get about this truck. This truck is truly BUILT FORD TOUGH!

Kyle - Portland, TN

I love this truck. I can't quite explain it, but something about it just makes me smile when I look at it and drive it. It drives like a car but tows like a semi-truck. Pulling the camper is a joy with this truck. There is nothing like towing with a Powerstroke.

Randy - Beulah, ND

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