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Cannot complain one bit my 7.3 was a good truck but I really like my 6.0 the 7.3 was a mule and after hearing all the bad reviews on the 6.0 I was nervous but after putting it to the test pulling travel my trailer is it really one good engine as long as leave programmers out of them mine is all stock the only mod is going to be a Banks exhaust system. I have to say the Super Duty is Built Ford Tough.

Troy - Lafayette, LA

This is my second PSD i had a 95 trade it in for my 2005 had 210,000 miles on it and was still going strong. As for my 6.0 cannot complain I pull a 32ft Forest River Wildcat and do not have any problems with the 12,000 lb load. It is Built Ford Tough.

Troy - Lafayette, LA

It's a 1997 F-350 with 123,000 miles. The power stroke is the best work truck ever, but you need to do the maintenance and it will last forever. I really like the '97 body style and it took a long time to find one in great shape on the outside, as well as on the inside. The 7.3L Diesel is "bullet proof". Plus, FORD is the BEST -- no bailout here!!!


Ive always owner ford trucks ive had a love for them since i was a kid my frist truck was my dads 1979 ford bronco with the 351 then we had the farm truck a ford diesel thats when i got hooked on diesels ive put my trucks though it all every one is different but all the same that diesel power by ford cant be beat they pull, tow they yank anything you can think of My mom has said to me you should test trucks for ford Your daily driver goes through hell for you and what you do for a living Love my ford diesel hope they keep making them ford tough wouldent know what to do with out my ford f350 super duty

James - Clinton Twp, MI

power and ability to tow reliability and looks.this is a 2000 f450 4x4 with a 7.3 but are uprading to a 6.0 not sure if a good idea??

mark - bayfield, ON

This is my 2nd 7.3 and it's such a blast to drive. Its a 1995 5 speed 4x4 with a dana 60 SAS. It's in fantastic condition. I am anxious to drive a scorpion. SEND ME A PSD COFFEE MUG!!!!! :)

Keith - Powell, OH

I bought this truck in 2006 with 210k miles, it's been the best truck I could ever ask for now with 280k miles on it, it still runs like new! It's the old body with the AWESOME 7.3L with a 5 speed couldn't ask for more. Use it a lot on the farm pulling cattle and firing up the tractors on a cold morning and pulling grain carts. Ford couldn't have built that truck any better than what it is, I love Powerstrokes and it's my engine of choice for anything!

Ryan - Hilliard, OH

Great truck!! Rock solid and very efficient. Ill never go any other way but Power Stroke. Best truck on the market, best bang for your buck, and you definitely will not find this much truck from any other make. Erases all competition. Great job to the guys at Ford, keep up the good work.

Daniel - Kents Store, VA

This truck is amazing, and it looks so good, I always get people checking this truck out. The thing I love most about my truck is that it has 120,000 miles and it sounds like one with 400,000 miles these motors never quit, i plan on growing old with this truck.

Aaron - phoenix, AZ

Sold my 03 cobra and bought this 2000 f-250 in Aug of 09. Love it.

Bryan - parkville, MO

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