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My 2006 KingRanch 6.0 is my pride & joy that easily pulls our 31 ft 5th-Wheel wherever we go in total comfort. I have alot of money invested in this truck to make it "my truck" it's exactly the way i want it now & I plan on having it a long time. My previous truck was a 01' F250 w/a V10 but after my dad bought his 04' 6.0 back in 06' & i seen how easily it pulled his 34 ft 5th-Wheel through the Rocky Mountains (not to mention alot better mpg's) i knew i had to have one too. Alot of mis-informed people talk bad about the 6.0 but i will say my father & I have had years of trouble free service out of both of these truck's & considering my 6.0 is pushing considerable more HP over stock while still sealed up with oem TTY head bolt's w/almost 125k on the clock now, i just laugh at them & will confidently prove my Truck's built Ford Tough...

Warren - Denver, NC

I love my 2005 f250 diesel. It will pull anything I want. I pull our camper during the summer months and even pulled my tractor out of the mud when I got it stuck.

Billy - Mendon, IL

This is the best truck I've ever owned - it's always ready to work!

Larry - Pittsburgh, PA

This is my F350 7.3 Power Stroke Diesel. It was my dads truck and when he passed away last year mom my gave it to me. She wanted it to stay in the family. I use it to pull our 2000 Citation Travel Trailer. I doesn't even know the tt is back there. I love driving it.

Jennifer - Allenhurst, GA

I bought this 2003 F250 with 29K miles on it in 2005. It now has 110K and can pull anything. It has been the most reliable truck I have ever owned and I cannot imagine ever owning anything else. My family and I have a brand new luxury SUV and we still take this on our long trips because we like it so much.

Sean - Washington, IL

My 2012 Super Duty King Ranch F250 w/6.7L engine hooked to our new Sundance Camper ready to leave the dealer. The power of this truck is simply amazing and handles our new condo on wheels with ease. We pulled through mountains, valleys, and across this wonderful land enjoying so many sites in comfort. I've gotten so many compliments on how great a looking truck this unit is and going down the road it is poetry in motion.

Tom - Sebree, KY

My father has owned this truck for 13 years, and it has now become mine. It's a 97,and it's the most reliable truck ever. It needs some work here and there; but hey that's normal! I love this truck more than anything and am hoping to get many more memorable years out of it.

Sydney - highland, NY

This is my 2000 F350 pulling my 5th wheel and my atv's. I'm the only owner this truck has ever had. It does everything I ask it to. Wouldn't own anything else.

Greg - Grand Junction, CO

My work Horse.

Praveen - Lexington, OH

I use my 2004 f-550 to operate my welding co.And also plow snow for the state with it in the winter.


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