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This is my 2000 F-250 7.3 4x4 Ex Cab 6ft bed, 4R100, 2” leveling kit, 315/75/16 Procomp A/T, 6 position PHP Phoenix chip lope, smoke, 80hp daily, tow, 140 racing,140 extreme. SB Air intake, 4” turbo back straight pipe to 7" tip, foil delete, zoodad mod, cowl hood, ddm tuning 8k HID, gear wheels. This truck is my baby I just bought it about 6 months ago and have wrenchin on it ever since! I got to give credit to my dad for getting me into diesels, he has a 99 f-350 and hes the reason I have this truck today.

Cody - Union, KY

2002 f350 xlt 7.3l turbo with bully dog power pup programer. 2inch front leveling lift. 137000 miles. plowed every year since brand new. 4inch downpipe to 5inch exhaust y pipe and aussie stacks. i built the flatbed for it last year. chromed out and lit up still going strong. its my work and show truck. 0-60 in 4.5 sec.

ben - westminster, MA

before this truck i owned Chevy's... reminds me of the saying "when i was a child i acted as a child".. after i moved on to a farm, my Chevy became "not enough"... so i put away childish things... WOW... what a truck!

robert - williamsburg, KY

when i was a child i acted like a child... when i became a man i put away childish things!!!! man's truck for a man!!!!

robert - williamsburg, KY

This is my 00 F250 6 speed Lariat with 72000 miles on 46'goodyears 13'lift 4' turbo back exhaust ts 6 position chip with wicked wheel upgrade ported and polished turbo housing after market boots and intercooler. I have 2 rangers a 93 coupe and escape all built FORD tough....

frank - erlanger, KY

My 2002 F-250 7.3L Powerstroke, 210,000 miles, first truck. Cold air, 4in. straight pipe exhaust, DP-Tuner 16 Position Chip. It has a 4inch suspension lift with 20inch Gear rims and 36inch Nitto Dura Grapplers. Hoss of a truck and I love it. FORD RULES!!!! Hooked and pulled out 2 trucks up hill, 6.0 & Z71. Didn't miss a step.

Braddy - Mount Pleasant, NC

We use this workhorse to tow our 5th wheel & our boat. I owned a 96 Ford with a 460 V8 & 4:10 axle and this truck out performs it hands down. I also enjoy 15 + mpg, insted of the 8 mpg average with my other truck. I'm now a PSD man all the way! Ford powerstroke is the bomb!

Bob - North Bend, OR

We use our "Power Stroke" to drive to work, tow our 5th wheel, our boat, run in the snow, run the hi-ways, haul, pull and whatever else you can imagine a pickup can do. And it just won't stop working. The 6.0 PSD is a strong workhorse that will run with the best of them. # 1 with any diesel is taking care of them! Maintain you rig properly and you'll be rewarded with a truck that will do whatever you ask of it! Ford is #1 in diesel trucks, hands down!

Bob - Coos Bay, OR

My 2001 Powerstroke i use it to haul hay, backhoes, D5 dozer, skid steers, and cattle. I do all this with no programers or after market parts to boost performance.

Matthew - Galena, KS

my truck is a 1998 f-350 7.3 power stroke. i cant tell you how much i love ford trucks they are the number 1 trucks built in america. the truck is 13 years old has 403,182 miles on it and is on its second trany its on a 33 inch lift kit with 40x13.50 mickey thompson tires wit 20 inch weld racing rims. the only truck i will ever buy is a ford.

michael - sanford, FL

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