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1996 f250, 5 in. Lift, 3in. Downpipe, 5 in. Straight pipe, 160hp chip, 100hp injectors, cold air intake, wild wheel compressor, 3 guage pillar, 5 speed, 1200 ft. Lb. Southbend clutch, straight axle swap, f350 drive axles, 4.10s, 2.5 ton rear springs. And Not done yet. 15.3 quarter mile shooting for 14 soon. love the 7.3 stroker motor!

nathan - dennis, MA

My 2001 platinum edition F-250 with 250,000 miles and plenty more to go...its been in the shop a few times, biggest ticket was new injectors but other than that nuthing major..its payed for and i plan on keeping it until the wheels fall off...the 7.3 psd is a beast!!

martin - lexington, SC

I love everything about my 2001 f250 Lariat 7.3L Powerstroke. It has an 8" lift and Toyo 38" tires with 127K miles. It's a definite head turner out here in Rapid City. I think I have the biggest truck on base too. This is my second diesel and after this Powerstroke I will never go gas again. The power is incredible and eventually down the road I would like to do some more mods. Won't be anytime soon as the military doesn't pay all that well. It's a work in progress. Go Ford...Go America!!! heck yeah!!!

Ekka - Rapid City, SD

i own a 99 Ford F350....its tuff...and i mean tuff....it is sitting on 442,985..... miles and it is strong as an ox... as a matter of fact thats what i call it....the ox

William - live oak, FL

Towing capacity is first and foremost then the general looks of the superdutys. The best thing about my Powerstroke,,,it's not a Chevy. :)

Steve - Surrey, BC


Barney - Tooele, UT

t-rex riding high

eloy - pico rivera, CA

I love my 7.3L anything i want it to do it will do it no problem! with the edge performance computer i love throwing coal out my 7' stacks. i also put a kn cold air intake, aftermarket turbo , 4 inch rough country lift , 36' military OZ, and finally nice set of horns to scare people blowing coal :D

Rich - pittsgrove, NJ

I love My 04 F250. It is a wonderful truck with 336,000 Miles! It runs, sounds, and drives like a new one. It has never gave me any trouble. Thanks Ford for building such a wonderful piece of equipment.

Eric - Moultrie, GA



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