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ever since i was little i wanted a 1997 single cab 5 speed powerstroke now am 20 and have it

Colton - turner, OR

I got my '08 F-350 6.4L PSD in October of 2010 an loving it. My dad has a '00 F-350 7.3L PSD in the exact same configuration, color and trim.

Joshua - Dearborn, MI

Love the brute strength and rugged look of my 2005 F350 Harley edition

Brandon - Westford, MA

2007, 2nd Ford I've had in 52 years ... only 40,000 klm and pulls a 35 ft horse trailer like nothing ... get about 21 mpg's on hiway with or without load ... have a tuner set on tow and don't push it hard. Good truck.

Ed - Morinville, AB

i love the looks and and style of the ford trucks and the power is amazing with a little performance upgrades tows anything i put behind it with no problem

adam - hamilton, OH

Best engine ever seen

Fabian - High Prairie, AB

This Is a Family Pic of some of the Superduty's in our family of Ford Superduty lovers

TIM - Northglenn, DE

It's not only my work horse, it's my family car. Enough room to fit the wife and kids, as well as a couple of extra people and the dogs. Couldn't have asked for a better truck.

Nate - Albuquerque, NM

I bought this truck 4 years ago its been an awsome addittion to the family the truck runs great with almost a half a million miles on it, it pulls hard and hasn't quit we named it "tuff" for this reason u can't buy a better truck!

jason - florence, CO

My first Diesel and it's a FORD F250 Super Duty Power Stroke!

Ted - Plattsmouth, NE

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